Louise Landess | Real words for real people

View of Christchurch City Council building, windows covered in blindsOne thing that was obvious. Someone or something needed to take charge. The sign language translator. Bob Parker. John Key. Gerry Brownlee.

Now. New order. Labour PM, NZ First and the Greens.

The quakes have put our city in a unique position. Hard to compare other urban centres in the same way, however, in terms of aspiration, of ‘what we want’ local councils are an obvious comparison.

Why Auckland – the world’s most liveable city

  • Welcoming and safe
  • International
  • NZ’s economic powerhouse
  • City style and natural beauty
  • Family friendly, balanced lifestyle
  • Diverse

Wellington – the Wellington way… we

  • Are at one with nature
  • Care about sustainability
  • Are good citizens who love to put our hands up
  • Are a friendly bunch
  • Keep it classy
  • Share the roads
  • Look out for each other

About Wellington

Wellington profile


  • The Garden City
  • Gateway to the South
  • City of opportunity
  • Some of the best thinkers
  • Vibrant, energetic, creative