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Writing about yourself can be challenging.  

Maybe you’re just too busy, or would simply rather be doing anything but writing about yourself. I can help with that.

When you’re wondering where to start or even what to say, very often just talking about what you need to do can get the ball rolling.

And if you need help sifting, sorting and collecting your thoughts, I can compile and compose, or edit them for you.

Why talk to me?

When we work together, you’ll get to explore your ideas, and clarify what it is you want/have to offer as we crystallise and articulate your thoughts.

I edit, write and think about all sorts of things. If you’re in business, I can help you with content strategy, web content, social media, blogs, articles, marketing plans, business profiles and training material.

I can also give you a hand with speeches and presentations.

If you’re looking to make changes personally, I can help you with LinkedIn profiles, CVs, resumes and job applications.

Web content

Web content

Speech writing

Speech writing

Business profiles

Business profiles

CVs and resumes

CVs and resumes

Christchurch City Collective

Same, same, different. Same.

This blog is about Christchurch, but really, it could be about any city or town anywhere in the world. For over 15 years, I’ve written about people. Starting out as a specialist CV writer, I have worked with hundreds of people, helping them find words to say about themselves that they can relate to; documents that make people proud of what they have to offer, that are authentic and true.

As I’ve watched the Christchurch post-quake rebuild, I’ve got to thinking about who contributes to making a city work. Who are the personalities and organisations we have coming together to make a city? Do we collectively have the skills, knowledge and experience we need to build the city we want to? This blog is essentially about that.

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